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CounterProductions Inc.
is a Canadian-owned, federally incorporated company whose principal activity is to promote the media arts industry in Canada. Our further goals include aiding in the cultivation of a professional community of media artists within Canada, and the promotion of Canadian arts and culture domestically and globally.

It is our firm belief that the creativity, innovation, and expertise of artists in Canada rival that of any artistic community in the world. Our aim is to produce films which are an expression of this creative spirit and which help to develop and sustain a sense of our cultural identity.

We intend to promote our films to Canadian audiences with the objective of cultivating the domestic market. Further, we propose to circulate our films to worldwide audiences. We wish to increase global awareness and understanding of Canada's unique cultural perspective.

Our secondary activity is to create films which embody the spirit and vitality of modern youth. We wish to authentically address issues of contemporary urban life, and create films which speak to today's young people.

We tell and empower our stories through showcasing talented Canadian artists and content creators. Our focus is dedicated in casting performance entertainers who captures the essence and re-imagines our roles. Our expertise in new media press relationships embraces vibrant online communities and fan culture in sharing our world class content to the world wide audience. Our Talent Casting and PR Management services will work with (entertainers) affiliated with other agencies to feature your work in complimenting your media portfolio.