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Stephanie Thorpe

A native of Vancouver, Stephanie Thorpe ventured out east to attend Queen's University for her Bachelor of Arts Degree, Honours. She then moved to Toronto to complete her graduate studies at the University of Toronto and received her masters in Arts this past spring. Having produced numerous plays, Stephanie has made the transition to film, and has produced various shorts, among them, When Urine Love, Tell My Story and Sour Milk.
The founding member of Counter Productions Inc., "The Absent Phallus" is her first feature as a producer.

The day after Stephanie Thorpe finished principal photography on her second feature film, she was hired to host a new television show featuring Indie filmmakers and their work. "After being in the thick of the Indie scene from making films to the festivals, it is extremely gratifying to know I will be providing another venue for filmmakers to show their work," said Thorpe.

Thorpe is a very busy woman these days and that's just the way she likes it. The Toronto based actor/producer is in New York promoting her recently completed independent feature "The Absent Phallus" which premieres at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. "The Absent Phallus" will screen at Los Angeles International Independent Film & Video Festival in November.

After a long, successful career in theater, Thorpe changed her focus to film and television and threw herself into the Indie film scene. She formed her own production company, Counter Productions Inc. and joined forces with equally ambitious people, Director Mike Davies Jr., Writer Patrick M. Thornton and Producer Lindsay Lanzillotta. "I realized that I knew lots of talented and creative people in the film industry with their own areas of expertise and rather than wait for opportunities to present themselves, I wanted us to create our own," Thorpe said. "That's the whole premise behind Counter Productions Inc.: to change the often passive nature of this industry and make the artist more proactive." Thorpe's plan worked.

Counter Productions Inc.'s first project, the award winning "When Urine Love" stars Thorpe whose boyfriend proposes to her after he pees in the shower. This 9 minute short made a splash in the North American film festival circuit by screening at over eight festivals to date. "My festival experience has been amazing. It is incredibly vitalizing to have so many passionate people come together to share their work," said Thorpe.

Now, her company's first feature "The Absent Phallus", is ready to hit the festival circuit. "The Absent Phallus" explores the relationship between the two female protagonists, Julia and Kate, who have been friends their whole lives and have shared everything. . . including men.

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