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Hair of the Dog


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One night proves to be all it takes
to bring everything down.

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When you're this hung over, no one is your friend.

Mr. Jimmy thinks he's got life all sorted out – beautiful girlfriend, promotion at work, company car and great friends. But one night proves to be all it takes to bring everything down around him...

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The Absent Phallus

What if the guy that came between you was the only thing holding you together?

Julia and Kate have been friends their whole lives, but their friendship has been deteriorating ever since Kate's boyfriend left. While Julia develops a habit with one-night stands, Kate finds comfort in her art. Then, suddenly, a stolen piece of Kate's art forces Julia to retrace her sexual past as Kate scrambles to recover it before the two friends can learn what they really think of each other...

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Stephanie Thorpe

A native of Vancouver, Stephanie Thorpe ventured out east to attend Queen's University for her Bachelor of Arts Degree, Honours. She then moved to Toronto to complete her graduate studies at the University of Toronto and received her masters in Arts this past spring. Having produced numerous plays, Stephanie has made the transition to film, and has produced various shorts, among them, When Urine Love, Tell My Story and Sour Milk. The founding member of Counter Productions Inc., "The Absent Phallus" is her first feature as a producer.

Stephanie is currently producing her second feature, "Hair of the Dog". She will also be hosting a new television show featuring Indie filmmakers and their work.

Mike Davies Jr.

A graduate of the Vancouver Film School where the short film Convenience launched his career, Mike Davies Jr. has proven himself as a multi-genre director. In 1998 Mike initiated the production company Captain Films Inc. In the following spring he directed the sci-fi film Message : Received, followed that autumn, by the music video Bad, Mad, Wicked for a local Toronto DJ. Earlier last year (2000), Mike made his television commercial debut, directing a spot for the upscale restaurant Taro Grill, and quickly added a television pilot to his list of credits, a half-hour sitcom entitled Casting Call. Mike has also directed numerous shorts among them the multiple award winning When Urine Love, and such shorts as Tell My Story, Kitty Kitty and Sour Milk. The Absent Phallus is Mike's feature debut. Mike is directing his second feature Hair of the Dog -- August 2001.

Patrick M. Thornton
Associate Producer

Currently attending the Humber School of Comedy, Patrick M. Thornton is a founding member of Opie Cunningham Productions under which auspices he wrote, directed and produced four plays to date: Whatever Happened to Aloha Bear?, Fool‚s Gould, As Clever As Kevin, and Touched By A Wiseguy. He is ripping up the the stand-up comedy scene in Toronto and is a member of the sketch troupe, Todd's Lunch. He is the author of countless shorts among them the multiple award winning When Urine Love and Tell My Story. As a member of Gifthorse Entertainment he was an associate producer in the The Absent Phallus and is producing Hair of the Dog, a feature he wrote, this August.

Mary Halferty

Mary Halferty holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Honours, in English Literature from Queen's University, and has been working as a freelance journalist and publicist for the past two years. The Absent Phallus is her first venture into screen writing, and she is very excited to apply her knowledge of the media arts to screen writing.

Lindsay Lanzillotta
Associate Producer

With a Film Studies degree from Western, Lindsay has demonstrated abilities as a multi-media producer. Having produced the plays As Clever as Kevin and Touched by a Wiseguy with Opie Cunningham Productions she went on to join Gifthorse Entertainment. With them Lindsay produced the shorts When Urine Love, Tell My Story and Kitty Kitty. Simultaneously, Lindsay also spent two seasons co-hosting and one season producing the cable talk variety series Free-TV.